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DLC Members

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Peter Janzow
VP Business Development
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Jessi Roesch
Skills Business Operations Manager
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Lee Rubenstein
Exec Team/VP Business Development
Mike Dumbroski
Senior Director, Educational Services
Nina Huntemann
Director of Academics
Alice Randall
Senior Manager, Communications
Future Learn icon
Matt Walton
Chief Product Officer
FutureWorkplace icon
Jeanne Meister
Kevin Mulcahy
Chantelle Nash
Program Manager, Digital Learning & Engagement
Samantha Zarrini
Senior Product Manager, Digital Learning Technology
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Detlef Hold
People Capabilities Strategy Leader
Lulu Yang
Functional Excellence/OD Leader
Google icon
Doug Pietrzak
Technical Program Manager
John Grubbs
Head of Learning Technologies and Innovation
Sherri Schachter
Program Manager
Taryn Hartzell
Certification Operations Program Manager
IBM icon
Gordon Fuller
Vice President and Chief Learning Officer
Guillermo Miranda
Vice President, Corporate Citizenship
Jason Trujillo
Vice President, Leadership and Learning Development
Joel Greenberg
Product Manager
Leon Wasson
Manager, IBM Learning Systems
Liz Young
Learning Designer
Rachel Mohammed
Learning Technologist
Robin Ashmore
Media Director, Center for Advanced Learning
Sarah Siegel
Manager, Enterprise Learning Design
Susan Steele
Technical Services Team Leader
Eric Stubbs
Learning Designer
Trena Minduri
Senior Transformational Learning Consultant
Catherine Rickelman
Senior Manager, Global Learning Design and Development
Connie Cassarino
Learning & Enablement Strategy, IBM Learning
IE icon
Jolanta Golanowska
Director of Learning Innovation
Teresa Martin-Retortillo
Executive President at IE Exponential Learning / Executive Education / IE Business School
Intuit icon
Dana Sednek
Learning Architect, Talent Development
Paula Kaufman
Director of Global Marketing Development and Operations
Amity Valentin
Group Marketing Manager, Marketing L&D
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Ed Steidl
Executive Director
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Mordy Golding
Director of Content
Shea Hanson
London Business School icon
Linda Irwin
Director, Business Development and Client Relations
McKinsey & Company icon
Duncan Larkin
Head of Digital Learning Innovation
Matthew Joseph
Director of Office and Everyday Learning
Tonya Corley
Director, Digital Learning
MIT icon
Ferdi Alimadhi
Director of Engineering, MIT Office of Digital Learning
Jeff Dieffenbach
Associate Director, MIT Integrated Learning Initiative
TC Haldi
Senior Director, Digital Learning Solutions (MIT Office of Digital Learning)
NeuroLeadership icon
David Rock
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Heidi Grant
Senior Scientist & Consultant
Jon Thompson
Digital Learning and Design Manager
Lisa Rock
Mary Slaughter
Executive Vice President
PWC icon
Kathy Kavanagh
Global Learning & Development Leader
Joanne Veech
Jonathan Amy
Chief Learning Architect
Sarah Lindsell
Director of Global & UK Learning Technology & Transformation
Angie Max
Manager, Learning & Development
Sara Ley
Digital Learning Strategist
SAP icon
Joe Sherwood
Human Capital Management Researcher
Nate Hurto
Vice President, Global Learning Product Sales and Strategy
Andy Shean
Chief Expert, Learning Sales and Strategy
Skillsoft icon
Apratim Purakayastha
Potoula Chresomales
Senior Vice President of Product Management
Mark Onisk
Chief Content Officer
Hans Wendland
Director of User Experience
John Brissette
Senior User Experience Designer
Teachers College icon
Victoria Marsick
Professor and Academic Director, Adult Learning and Leadership
Sandra Okita
Associate Professor of Technology and Education
Unilever icon
Nicola Braden
Standards Director
Tim Munden
Chief Learning Officer
Watershed icon
Andrew Downes
Learning and Interoperability Consultant
David Ells
Director of Technology
Tim Dickinson
Director of Strategy