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"Digital learning makes personalization practical... and the best learning experiences are personal."
–Jeff Dieffenbach, MIT Integrated Learning Initiative (MITili)

"Scalable learning is the new reason for large organizations to exist in the 21st century. This massive transformation won't be possible without collaboration and interoperability to leverage digital technologies throughout the industry. The DLC is a groundbreaking collaboration to jump start the next generation of corporate learning."
–Mike Rustici, CEO, Watershed

"Digital Learning – democratising growth and transforming futures."
–Linda Irwin, Director, Business Development & Client Relations, London Business School

"The promise of digital learning? To help everyone fulfill their potential in a changing world by transforming access to education."
–Matt Walton, Chief Product Officer, FutureLearn

"Unlock knowledge to inspire innovation."
–Apratim Purakayastha, Skillsoft

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